The Journal of the Wagner Society of Northern California

Leitmotive is the quarterly journal of the Wagner Society. It publishes a mix of scholarly essays, historical notes, theoretical debates and philosophical considerations, poetry, and performance, record, video, and book reviews. It is unusual in being open to contributions both from professional scholars and from interested members.


Leitmotive – The Wagner Quarterly encourages both the academic and informed lay persons to submit articles for possible publication in this journal.   This has been our policy for over twenty years.

All articles are subject to the approval of the editor and one or more members of the journal’s Editorial Advisory Board.  Articles are subject to editing; however, an edited draft will be available for review by the author.  The author’s response to the edited draft must be returned to the editor within one week or it will be concluded that the edited draft is approved by the author.

There is no compensation for published articles, however, up to one dozen copies of the published issue will be made available without charge to authors, if requested before printing.

It is recommended that prior to spending significant time writing an article for this journal that prospective authors contact the editor to discuss the proposed article, determining thereby the probability of publication, desirable length, and similar issues.  All inquiries will receive a prompt reply.

The preferred method of submission is by e-mail with the text as an attachment.  Virtually any Macintosh or Windows word processing program may be used.

The Editor can be reached, as follows:

U.S. MAIL: P.O. Box 590990, San Francisco, CA 94159

TELEPHONE: (415) 340-0715

Or via e-mail:   www.wagnersocnc@gmail.com

Performance Reviews:  We receive many more performance reviews than we have space to publish.  Further it is desirable that the author recognize that Leitmotive – The Wagner Quarterly is a quarterly publication and therefore is not timely in the sense of a daily newspaper.  Accordingly, performance reviews in general will be of interest to our readers if they succinctly describe any unique elements of the performance or staging.  Authors of performance reviews should make arrangements with the Press Office of the opera house at the time of the performance for the use of photographs, including permission to publish.  Also the e-mail address of the Press Office should be provided.