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wagner post created

Posted December 28, 2022

wagner post created!!!!!!!

Wagner Podcasts from the BBC

Posted September 28, 2021

This week BBC radio 3 Composer of the Week is Richard Wagner. There are 5 episodes starting yesterday (09/27/2021). One can access this several ways: You can get it via the “BBC Sounds” app. One can also get it though…

Local Belated Birthday Bash for the "other" Ludwig

Posted September 23, 2021

Posted September 23, 2021 The 250th Anniversary of the birth of Ludwig von Beethoven was obscured and silenced by the closure of musical venues due to the Covid Pandemic. Musical Days of Forest Hills hopes to correct this, in part,…

Artwork of the Present

Posted September 17, 2021

Posted September 17, 2021 GOT ARTWORK? If you have bare walls and a bulging wallet, here is the link to an artists' pages containing Wagner-related paintings. Visit www.art-rpf.com Some are almost reminiscent of the paintings of the late Cal Pedranti,…

Fake Rock Nearly Kills Tristan in Toulouse

Posted September 17, 2021

Posted 9-17-2021 The truth of the matter was revealed in a court case concerning the sabotage of a production of Tristan und Isolde Read on: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/17/arts/music/opera-sabotage-france.html

Opera San José Announces its Resident Artists

Posted September 10, 2021

Here is a link to the list of Opera San José resident artists for 2021-2022. Yes, this isn't specifically Wagner, but there are some terrific singers and the opportunity to sign up for a FREE recital which will be streamed…

Tannhäuser at the 2021 Bayreuth Festival

Posted August 27, 2021

"Tannhäuser" - photo by Joan Lam The Tannhäuser for the 2021 Bayreuth Festival is a reprise of the 2019 production with the following cast: Conductor - Axel Kober Director - Tobias Kratzer Landgraf Hermann - Günther Groissböck Tannhäuser - Stephen…

History at Bayreuth – Women Led the 2021 Festival

Posted August 25, 2021

"Oksana Lyniv" - photo by Joan Lam ‘Finally!’ Bayreuth festival gets a female conductor for the first time | Opera | The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/26/oksana-lyniv-is-first-fem… ​*********************​*************************************************** Bayreuth’s First Lady keeps its landlocked new Dutchman afloat https://www.limelightmagazine.com.au/reviews/bayreuths-first-lady-keeps… ************************************************************************ The festival opened with…
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