Posted May 26, 2015

Posted May 26, 2015

The Wagner Society of Northern California has long been a member of the Richard Wagner Verband International in a passive role. In order for the Society to participate and vote on the policies of the Verband, it is required to send a delegate to each annual Congress. Many of the delegates and even members of the Executive Committee of the Verband have been working toward changing the constitution of the Verband to permit proxy voting. After a long and difficult battle, the Verband has adopted a procedure for proxy voting.

In addition, a new election of officers was held and there is a new President for the Verband – Horst Eggers and a new Board of Directors (the former President Thomas Krakow is no longer on the Board).

Here is the first letter from the new President Horst Eggers. It is also noted that although the WSNC was unable to send a delegate to the Congress, Vice-President Jacques Bouffier of the Wagner Society of Southern California consulted with WSNC and his vote was in alignment with the opinions and wishes of the Societies based in English speaking countries, WSNC included.

The Richard Wagner Verband International can now resume the business of support of the RWVI Member Societies, music education and support of the next generation of Wagner artists.

Below is an attachment of President Eggers first letter to the Verband’s member Societies.