Posted October 30, 2020

A Message from the German Consul General in San Francisco

Posted September 29, 2020

30 years ago, on October 3rd, 1990, a German dream came true: Germany re-united.

After decades of the most stringent and hard division of our country into two nations, deeply embedded into their respective alliances, Germany was re-united. What had seemed inconceivable only a few years earlier became a reality and was met with frantic enthusiasm.

The unconditional support of the people of the United States of America and its political leadership at the time, President George H. W. Bush and Secretary of State James Baker, were among the most crucial drivers making this German dream possible. We, the German people, are eternally grateful.

Before Corona, we had planned for a jubilant celebration at the Consulate General in San Francisco. We would have loved to welcome you all in person to express our gratitude and to raise a toast with you in celebration of the German-American friendship … which is, as I strongly believe, more important than ever in today’s world, faced with tremendous and manifold challenges . If we, the US and Germany / the European Union together with the other liberal democracies of this world, stand and act united, we have the power to shape the world in a way that our children will enjoy living in it.

Instead, now we will be celebrating remotely, and we will do that under the motto:

“30 years, 30 voices, 30 videos”

•             On Oct 3rd, 2020, THE day, we will share on our social media a video co-production by the German Embassy in D.C. and all eight German Consulates General in the US.

•             Starting October 4th, and for 30 consecutive days, we will show one different video each day on the Consulate’s social media channels.
In these videos, 30 outstanding people who play a vital part in promoting German American friendship and cooperation in various capacities will reminisce about their personal experience of German Reunification or share their visions for Germany / German US relations 30 years from now. I’ll promise you, watching these will be a blast!

My team and I would like to invite you wholeheartedly to spend a minute or two every day with us – and them – during October 2020 on our social media.

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Hope “to see” you in October! “Cheers & Prost!”

With my very best regards,

Hans-Ulrich Südbeck

Consul General

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

1960 Jackson Street

San Francisco, CA 94109