Posted January 08, 2020

1. Tickets for the 2021 Kassel Ring go on sale tomorrow (January 9th) or actually late tonight in our US time zone. Many of our members are planning to attend cycle 2 (May 31 – June 5, 2021). Some already have received tickets based on pre-order requests (myself included). Tickets are very affordably-priced, with the most expensive seats in the house costing only 58 Euros.
Here is the link. I don’t know yet if direct online ticketing will be an option, but the website lists the email address and phone number for contacting the box office.
2. One of our members has some excellent front row orchestra seats for the Chemnitz Ring in 2020 that she will not be able to use. I attended the Ring in Chemnitz myself last year and enjoyed it very much. The theater is comfortable and intimate, and the city is small but sufficiently charming, even though its only tourist claim-to-fame is the large bust of Karl Marx (the city was formerly known as Karl-Marx-Stadt.)  The dates are very compact meaning that one can keep the hotel costs to a minimum.
The Chemnitz Ring tickets are for the cycle at Easter time.  Das Rheingold at 7 pm on Thursday April 9, 2020, Die Walkure at 4 pm on Friday April 10, Siegfried at 4 pm on Saturday April 11, and Gotterdammerung at 4 pm on Monday April 13.  The seat is Parkett links Row 1, seat 15.  Tickets are EUR 60 each, total EUR 240.00.  Based on the current exchange rate this should come out to be about USD 270.00.
If you are interested in these tickets, let me know and I will put you in touch with the seller.
3. We have ONE set of remaining Bayreuth tickets for the 2020 season available. Although we have more demand than supply, the remaining members who are requesting tickets are all couples, and since this is a single set I am unable to offer these tickets to them. If there are any single travelers who are interested, let me know ASAP. If I get multiple requests, then the WSNC priority ranking will be used to decide who gets preference. Since the other seats have already been allocated based on priority, these are the only seats remaining. They are not necessarily the best in the house, but they are some of the least expensive seats and many members in the past have preferred those. The balcony seats are also cushioned whereas the orchestra seats are not. (The Ring tickets are rear orchestra, and the Meistersinger and Tannhauser seats are in the balcony.) Contact me immediately if you are interested. Details of the Bayreuth tickets are below:
August 22 Meistersinger, Loge, left side, row 2, seat 12 = 230 Euros
August 23 Tannhauser, Loge, left side, row 2, seat 9 = 230 Euros
Aug 24-29 Ring cycle, Parkett, right side. row 26, seat 10 = 960 Euros
Cost in dollars = (230+230+960) x 1.13 = $1604.60
Ticket Acquisition Fee: $240.60
Total cost = $1845.29
cell phone 415-279-5346