Posted June 26, 2016

Staatsoper in your home. Today Bayerische Staatsoper will begin its annual Staatsoper Broadcast season with a performance from the Munich Opera Festival 2016.
Today’s featured opera is Fromental Haléy’s La Juive directed by Calixto Bieto (his Carmen production was just staged in San Francisco). This performance stars Roberto Alagna, Alexandra Kurzak, John Osborn, Ain Anger and Vera-Lotte Böcker and will be led y Bertrand de Billy 6:00 Central European Time which is 9:00 Pacific Time.

On July 24th 6:00 (CET) Rameaus’ Les Indes galantes will be performed

and . . . . . the major reason for this post:
on July 31, 5:00 CET Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg starring Jonas Kaufmann as Stoltzing, Wolfgang Koch as Sachs, Kirril Petrenko will conduct.
Please navigate to Staatsoper website for more information. . . . .Fanget an!