Posted May 18, 2016

Posted May 18, 2016

From David Gockley:

I want to share with you news that was just announced to the Company in the last hour. As you will see in the press release, Nicola Luisotti has determined not to renew his music directorship after the 2017ā€“18 season.

By 2018, Nicola will have been associated with the Company for over a decade, and he believes that this is a good time for both he and the Company to explore new artistic opportunities. He has had an indelible impact on the artistic vitality of this Company, and we look forward to his return on many occasions as a guest conductor post-2018.

The relationship between Nicola and the Company could not be stronger; this is simply part of the natural cycle of change. We look forward to many wonderful artistic collaborations with Nicola long into the future.

Press release:ā€¦