Posted July 22, 2015

Deutsche Bahn has decided to close the line between Bayreuth and Pegnitz from August 1 for 6 weeks. REGIONAL BUS SERVICE WILL BRIDGE THIS GAP IN TRAIN SERVICE.

This will, of course, mean that anyone planning to travel to the Festival via Nuremberg by train will have to make alternative arrangements.
Please find below a google translate version of the information published in the Nordbayerischer Kurier and kindly forwarded to me by the President of the Munich WS.
Annoyance for customers of Deutsche Bahn: Construction is a section of the route between Bayreuth and Nuremberg is totally disabled during the summer holidays – travelers are transported from Pegnitz with buses.
The Pegnitztalstrecke train between Nuremberg, Bayreuth and Pegnitz / yard becoming the permanent construction site. Have there been in recent years in the summer months due to construction Replacement timetables, single-track operation and the so-called rail replacement bus service with buses, so it is very thick this year: Between Neunkirchen am Sand and Vorra the tracks to be renewed. A communication from the DB Networks Division According to the route from August 1, from 7 clock until September 14th 16 clock will continuously locked. For rail transport, this has far-reaching consequences:
Regional Express trains between Nuremberg and Neuhaus (Pegnitz) fall into this period of total. Travelers from Bayreuth to Nuremberg have to change in Pegnitz in a direct bus to Nuremberg. Additionally drive between Neunkirchen, Hersbruck and Neuhaus buses that serve all the way holding. For travelers from Bayreuth the switch means a travel to Nuremberg 1:21 to 1:35 hours – compared to normal Zugfahrzeit of from 51 minutes to 1:09 hours. The longer journey times to be installed in the direction of Nuremberg, this means that the trains in Bayreuth from the scheduled time, the bus arrives in accordance later at Nuremberg main station (Nelson Mandela Square / South Exit) on. Which in turn means that connecting services may no longer be achieved.
> The buses from Nuremberg to Pegnitz (from there by train to Bayreuth) keep in Nuremberg not to the train departure times.
> The Regional Express trains, which usually continue from Nuremberg via Bayreuth to Münchberg / Hof are redirected every two hours through Bamberg (there without stopping). In New Market Wirsberg is a connection to Bayreuth. The journey time between Nuremberg and Bayreuth is this 1:40 to 2:15 hours. In the opposite direction accounts for the corresponding trains that coming from Hof ​​depart, in Bayreuth in the even hours to 29 minutes to Nuremberg.
However, the good news is that there appears to be a frequent bus service from Nuremberg station either to Pegnitz, where you can pick up a train, or to Bayreuth station. 
Please find a link below to the website for bus times.
Please forward this email to anyone you know who might be affected.