Posted July 14, 2015

Posted July 14, 2015

Forwarded by Eiko Kikawada.

Invitation from Karl Russwurm, President RWV Munich with five attachments:

As announced in Dessau and mentioned as well in the first letter of our newly elected
RWVI-president as one of the international “lighthouse projects” there wil be another
extraordinary production of an opera of Richard Wagner in Havanna (after 2013 “Holandes Errante”, 70 travellers) – in an unexpectedly place. Once again this event is also supported by the GOETHTE Intsitute, the german embassy and our estimated colleague Paolo Jucker from Milano.

Beside the opera Tannhäuser/”Dance-Häuser” there will be lots of opportunities to meet people
and enjoy cultural insights in a magnificent country in the change.
If you would like to join us, please just come to Havanna on your own or take benefit
from one of the travel offerings enclosed (you can choose: Havanna-only, 2 different roundtrips,
also a special “budget”-offering is included)
You can ask questions to me for those travel arrangements, but the responsibility
for lies with OPERA VIVA (, Tel: +49 (0)521 5600185)
It would be a pleasure to meet you in Teatro Nacional (2000 seats) for Tan(z)häuser with members of your society.
If you plan to use offerings enclosed you should inform me or OPERA VIVA about the number of
participants until end of september latest (maybe you could form a dedicated group or just
join another group).Please inform your members, thank you very much!

I wish you all the best – a summer full of pleasure
see you in Bayreuth or Karlsruhe
Karl Russwurm
President RWV Munich


phone:  0049 89 90542139
mobile: 0049 1522 8899932