Posted May 15, 2015

Posted May 15, 2015

Message from Eiko Kikawada on location:

Good news for those missed the Linz Ring…They are going to bring it to Wiesbaden starting next year and then three complete cycles in April/May of 2017.  Gerd Grochowski will be Wotan again there as well as the Mime who sang here (also very good), but everone else will be different. One of the Brünnhildes will be Evelyn Herlitzius.

I have Götterdämmerung to see on Sunday, but
Gerd was an EXCELLENT Wotan/Wanderer, far exceeding my expectations. I was very impressed and pleased!  He has an incredible way of being able to process and express Wotan’s emotions. Also physically, with his tall and slim figure he looked very legal and elegant. The final scene of Die Walküre with Brünnhilde brought the audience to tears ( including men, I noticed), which I didn’t experience at the HGO though as steller as the singers were.  He sang Wotan/Wanderer in a full cycle but as a concert version 10 years ago, and this was his first full staged debut.

Although Gerd tried to explain some of the director’s ideas, there were a lot of questionable staging and directions (i.e. lots of extras on stage and unnecessary projections), but the overall singing made it well worth seeing this Ring.

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Gotterdamerrung cast and trailer: