Posted May 08, 2015

Posted May 8, 2015

Many organizations are offering educational programs in anticipation of the San Francisco Opera’s first ever production of Les Troyens.

The Wagner Society’s program on June 13 is included among the offerings listed on the SF Opera website. Check it out!

Also notable among the events is a seminar on June 20th which will feature WSNC Honorary Member Donald Runnicles, Dr. D. Kern Holoman and Stanford Professor Heather Hadlock (all of these terrific speakers have given presentations for the WSNC). The seminar takes place in the concert hall of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and is free and open to the public.

For more information, here’s the list of events:…

If you are not familiar with Les Troyens, the production which will be staged in San Francisco, the excellent David McVicker production is available on DVD.…

“This man undoubtedly has all the gifts of genius.” Richard Wagner on Hector Berlioz (Letter to Marie Wittgenstein, Weimar 8-February 1858)