Posted April 21, 2015

The headlines say it all:

HGO’s Die Walküre Comes Complete With a Gang-Buster Finale and Powerful Voices

Mythic Warrior Woman Commands the Stage

Goerke has grown even more glamorous, even more sensational

Houston Chronicle:…

From Houstonia Magazine:

After all, Brünnhilde is the real hero of this opera, as American soprano Christine Goerke makes absolutely clear. Last seen as Princess Eboli in HGO’s powerful 2012 production of Don Carlos, Goerke has grown even more glamorous, even more sensational, her crystalline voice soaring like a genuine warrior and cascading across emotional boundaries. The last scene was hers. Begging Wotan to shelter her slumber—“Destroy your daughter, condemn me to die; cast not this shame, this cruel disgrace one me!”—Goerke captured the desperation and complexity of the moment with shivering beauty.…

From Houston Press:…

As for the costume and make-up . . . . UGH