Posted March 01, 2015

Adler Fellow Julie Adams took top honors in the annual George London Foundation Awards this past week. The competition, held in New York City, presented $71,500 in awards to the leading young vocal artists. From a group of 81 applicants, the competition narrowed to 21 finalists. Of the finalists, 6 received awards of $10,000, 8 received encouragement awards of $1,000 and the balance received honorable mention and $500, 

Julie Adams, a Merolini and current Adler Fellow at the San Francisco Opera received the prestigious George London – Kirsten Flagstad Award of $10,000 as the most promising Wagnerian singer. Ms. Adams graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with a Masters Degree and is the student of Cesar Ulloa, a noted teacher and vocal coach. While it remains to be seen if Ms. Adams pursues a career featuring Wagnerian roles, those who have heard Julie sing know that she is an extremely gifted singer and actress.

The photo is of Ms. Adams with Cesar Ulloa in the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera.…