Posted January 21, 2015

Posted on January 21, 2015

Overview: Edda is a Valkyrie (an ancient Norse goddess who guides and protects heroes). She lives in a magical land called Asgard where she has everything she wants. Well . . . almost everything. Edda wants to find a friend her own age. Edda’s wise papa knows of a place where she can make friends: a place on Earth called “school.” School is very different from Asgard. Edda’s not sure if she likes it at first. But then she remembers that Valkyries are very brave. Even little Valkyries. Edda learns that being different is what makes her special and she begins to make new friends.

Publishers Weekly Review: Adjusting to the rhythms and rules of school can be tough for any kid, but imagine how much of a challenge it is for a young Norse warrior maiden. Edda wants to spend time with people her own age, which is why she asks her kindly papa (though he’s never named, with his eye-patch, it’s safe to assume he’s Odin) to fly her from Asgard to a typical neighborhood elementary school. But making the transition from helping “search the land for unruly monsters” to sitting still in class and waiting in line for the slide is asking a lot. Auerbach—an accomplished editorial artist with an approachable line drawing style and a sly, sympathetic wit—makes a terrific children’s book debut in this folklore-meets-first-day story. He doesn’t get too specific with his Norse inspirations (Edda’s magical home is as much Adventure Time as Asgard), but Edda is a fresh, funny twist on the kid who can’t quite find a groove. While most readers won’t have access to a dragon to help smooth the way for themselves, they should find her story encouraging. Ages 4–8.