Posted December 08, 2014

Posted December 8, 2014

Yes, another book on Wagner, this time Parsifal.

Dr. John Mastrogiovanni, President of the Wagner Society of Southern California and also a Minister, has written a spiritually based study of Wagner’s final work: Parsifal – The Will and Redemption.

Praised by Wagnerians from all over the world, it is now available on and also as a Kindle download.

The description on Parsifal is Richard Wagner’s final musical and philosophical treatise to the world. Since its introduction to opera houses beyond Bayreuth, many have shared their insights about what the spiritual and religious meanings were regarding this work. However, Wagner himself knew what he meant when he conceived it and had a definite purpose for the work. For instance, on September 7th, 1865, Wagner wrote to Mathilde Wesendonck and defined the meaning of Kundry’s kiss, its impact on Parsifal and the drama. In “Parsifal: The Will and Redemption,” Dr. Mastrogiovanni, an educator in theology for more than 30 years, as well as a student of Wagner’s music since the age of five, utilizes Wagner’s own concepts from his letters and prose works to help define the meaning of this amazing Sacred Stage Drama. As a recent lecturer in Bayreuth said, “If you love Wagner’s Ring and feel ready to enter his last opera Parsifal – this is the book to accompany you.”

Here is a very flashy video advertisement for the book:

The image is singer Olive Fremstad as Kundry