Posted September 23, 2014

September 23, 2013

It was well publicized that Katharina Wagner has signed a 5 year extension of her contract to head the Bayreuth Festival through 2020. The new managing director Heinz-Dieter Sense has signed on to continue in his position through 2016. Eva Wagner-Pasquier leaves the Festival in 2015.

An interesting interview with Heinz-Dieter Sense was published in the Nordbayrischer Kurier July 25, 2014. When Sense was asked about how the abolition of ticket allocations has effected the Festspiele he stated that there was no effect at the present time. Sense said all tickets were sold, BUT he is uncertain as to how long that will last. Since Wagner Societies were previously the subscription base of the Festival, they represented a complex and sophistocated repeat audience. Many current visitors now only come once and it is uncertain as to what will happen ten years down the road.

Sense then stated that he was of the opinion that they should think again of how to reintegrate the Wagner Societies into the Festival.

This translated synopsis of the article appeared in “Wagner News” the publication of the Toronto Wagner Society.

The original article is available with paid on-line subscription at Nordbayrischer Kurier.