Posted September 02, 2014

Posted Sept 2, 2014

Saturday September 13, 6:30 p.m. West Edge Opera will hold an event entitled “Opera Off the Deep End”. This is annual event is a light-hearted comedy evening, however this year there is a truly unique treat.The evening’s entertainment includes a reprise of Marie Plette’s HILARIOUS re-creation of Anna Russell’s famous telling of Wagner’s Ring Saga.

This piece was performed by Ms. Plette at events benefitting the San Francisco Opera Guild East Bay Chapter and the San Francisco Guild Main Chapter to gales of laughter. Also on hand will be Jonathan Khuner who will give the audience the scoop from inside the prompter’s box – hilarious real stories of on stage mishaps. Pedro Rodales and Heidi Moss will also be on hand to sing selections from musical theater pieces.

This is one of the few fund raising events West Edge Opera holds each year. Help keep West Edge Opera going! As was reported by Joshua Kosman in the San Francisco Chronicle “This summer’s festival was only further evidence of how essential this brilliant this company has become to the local operatic scene.”

The benefit is $75 per person and includes dinner and wine and lots of fun. For more information you can visit the West Edge Opera website and sign up.