Posted May 26, 2014

Posted May 26, 2014

Vallejo Die Walkure Videos (2) Available for Purchase

From Rick Bogart, May 22, 2014:

Happy Wagner’s Birthday! I am pleased to announce that professionally mastered
videos of two performances of the production of Die Walküre that we mounted
last November are now available. If you missed the production and want to
see what we did, or if you went and want a keepsake, this is your chance
to get the video. There is an order form at:

The two performances had mostly different casts (same Sieglinde, Hunding,
Wotan, Fricka, and Helmwige), pictured on the order form page. If you
don’t recognize the cast members you’re looking for in costume, there is
a cast listing at

If you don’t care too much about the cast members, I would recommend the
performance of the 23rd, not because it was artistically better (both
performances had much to recommend them), but because on the second weekend
we were able to improve the lighting and the sound recording quality a bit.
(There is one brief interval for which video from the performance of the
23rd with a different performer had to be dubbed into that of the 16th
due to a camera problem; just like certain famous studio recordings!)

The DVD’s are available as either 3-disc sets, one disc per act, or as
2-disc sets, in which acts 1 & 2 are combined on a dual density (Blu-ray
type) disc. If you have doubts about the modernity of your player, the
3-disc set is a safer bet. The video is wide-screen, and comes with the
English titles we used for the production.