Posted May 16, 2014

Posted May 16, 2014

Wagner In Your Livingroom? And Then Some…

Vienna State Opera has announced a more than interesting season, filled with Wagner, (including a complete Ring) Strauss and more via live stream:…


Sep 12, 2014  –  The Flying Dutchman (Bryn Terfel)

Nov 2, 2014    –  Tannhauser (Robert Dean Smith/Camilla Nylund)


Comments from WSNC member Stefan Lazar:

I checked into this a few months ago and here are some things to be aware of:
1.  You can watch it “live” or at different time that you chose.
2.  Once you set the time, you can not change it.
3.  Once you start the performance, you can not pause it or start over.
4.  The performance will run just as if you were watching “live”, intermissions and all.
5.  You can have titles but they must be in a separate window from the performance window.
I thought some of instructions rather confusing so I asked the contact at the Staatsoper and he gave me
the above info.  The system not very user friendly but I was happy to have the opportunity.  It is
unfortunate that it is not “on demand” for a period of time instead the rather awkward, limited access they
have provided.