Posted May 12, 2014

Forwarded from Andy Rombakis and posted on May 12, 2014.

For those of you who may be interested in attending the Ring in Dessau, the May cycle is completely sold out already, however they have just opened website orders for their June, 2015 cycle. Tickets however are only available on the GERMAN language version of the website, not the English language version. The tickets are relatively inexpensive by American standards, but it is a small house, so there are not that many tickets available. Act quickly if you are interested.

Then click on:
RING-Ticket für die 4 RING-Vorstellungen 23-28. Juni 2015 
Then click on:
Then pick your seat. The available seats are those without an X. The website states that a large number of seats are being held for group sales, as evidenced by the symmetrical nature of the held seats.
If you want to try to get any of these helds seats, or apply for a senior discount, the direct contact information for the box office is: tel: 0340/2511-333
Once you have picked your seat, click on “in den Warenkorb” (which means in the shopping basket)
Then click on “zur Bestellung” (to order)
On the next page you can add ticket insurance (Ticketversicherung) for 6,90 Euro.
Then enter you name and address and payment method.
You can choose the option of printing the ticket at home for an extra 1 Euro.
At the bottom of the page click that you accept the conditions of the order:
Ich akzeptiere die Geschäftsbedingungen dieser Bestellung.
Then click on Bestellung überprüfen. (Review order).
(I can’t get to the last page again without actually placing another order myself, but it was pretty straightforward after that and should be easy to complete.
Here are some pictures of the interior of the theater that I found online, to give you an idea of the seating situation:
I booked a ticket in the second price category: Rang links Reihe: 3, Platz 31. 
It is next to a bunch of seats that are still available in that category, along with more expensive ones across the aisle in that row, which is in an unobstructed row near the walkway in the balcony.
There are also some side seats available in the front left of the balcony at the same price.
Here are some youtube videos that offer a sampling of the Dessau Ring:
I don’t know much about Dessau itself other than it was the Bauhaus capital. It is between Berlin and Leipzig and therefore convenient for excursions there on the free days.
Let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see some or all of you there!