Posted December 12, 2013

December 12, 2013

This year the Wagner Society conducted its annual election for the Board of Directors by using on-line voting. Because approximately 90% of WSNC members have access to e-mail, this method of polling the membership proved extremely efficent, cost-effective and it saved trees.  Simply Voting, was chosen because it proved to be the easiest to use compared to other voting systems. The Election Committee was also very impressed by the multiple layers of security integrated into the Simply Voting election process. Simply Voting has been in business for 10 years and is utilized by labor unions, municipalities, associations, schools and other organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Those members who do not have e-mail still received paper ballots. You can read about Simply Voting on their website:

The election was held to fill five openings on the Board of Directors.

We are posting the link below so that WSNC Members are able to view the election results, just scroll to the bottom and click:  VIEW RESULTS:  WSNC Board of Directors Election 2013 (no log-in is required):