Posted October 03, 2013

Posted October 3, 2013

WSNC Member Terry Quinn has been collecting Wagner tidbits for years and now his collected bits and pieces of Wagner info has been published in a delightful new book. Released by Amadeus Press, a publisher known for books on the arts and music, Richard Wagner, The Lighter Side is packed full of beautiful color photos and illustrations detailing Wagner’s life and work.

Quinn book is not only informative, it is cleverly arranged beginning with Vorspiel followed by 5 Acts with Intermission and a Coda (what we would call “chapters”). Further, there are many quotes and reminiscences of members of the Wagner Society of Northern California, including a photo of Past President Verna Parino entering the Festspielhaus equipped with a comfy pillow (page 108-109).

You’ll want a copy!  The WSNC bookstall is working to obtain copies, but if you can’t wait has it:…