Posted August 03, 2013

Posted August 3, 2013

Full review of the new Bayreuth Castorf Production of the Ring from the New York Times’ Anthony Tommasini. All press reports remark that there was an unprescedented thunderstorm of booing after each production, but at the Götterdämmerung finale it is customary for the Conductor and the Orchestra to appear on stage. Castorf refused to leave the stage which resulted in over 10 minutes of non-stop boos.

When the curtains were drawn and the musicians were present, it changed immediately to thunderous ovation, in spite of Castorf’s refusal to depart and let the orchestra have its due recognition.

Here is a link to a Youtube video captured by Merkur-Online. The video was taken inside the Festspielhaus of what was described on Intermezzo Blog and a “Boovation”. Mid-way through the clip, the curtain opens slightly and an individual pops through to try to encourage the defiant Castorf to retreat, but he remains on stage with his production colleagues.