Posted July 22, 2013

Posted July 22, 2013

2013 Jubilee Ring images are becoming available through the Gesellschaft der Freunde von Bayreuth (The Friends of Bayreuth). They have apparently mailed materials, as yet, they have not arrived in the WSNC Mail Box.

We’ve come to expect the unusual from Bayreuth, however, for those of us who saw the Ring in San Francisco, these are not all that outlandish (in comparison to the Schlingensief “Rotting Rabbit” Parsifal and the Baumgarten “Tadpole” Tannhäuser).

The images are of the U.S. with a 1950’s look – Route 66 motel, a Socialist version of Mt. Rushmore, oil derricks from the oil wildcat film “Giant” and split level homes. Only the images labled Alexanderplatz seem out of place.

Bayreuth Ring – a first look

Enrico Nawrath

The curtain rose on a sleazy roadside inn along Route 66 called The Golden Motel. The stage swiveled to reveal a Texaco petrol station and a convenience store/bar. The flag and emblem of the Lone Star State put to rest any doubt about where we were supposed to be. The Rhine Maidens lounged by the motel pool, drying their laundry and barbecuing. Alberich dove into the shallow water in speedos and cowboy boots to retrieve the gold, but not before munching on a Bratwurst (he didn’t so much as eat it as spit the chunks out into the water) and squirting himself with yellow mustard.” writes AJ Goldmann, one of the few journalists privileged to see the dress rehearsal of Frank Castorf’s new Rheingold in Bayreuth. 

Thanks to Intermezzo for cobbling together this series of images.


Below,  Aleksandar Denic’s set designs, as revealed in the magazine of the Society of Friends of Bayreuth.