Posted December 26, 2012

Posted December 26, 2012

40 years after Luchino Visconti released his glitzy film on “Mad” King Ludwig, a new film about King Ludwig II of Bavaria will hit the German Kinos December 26, 2012. Ludwig II was created at a reported expense of 16 million Euro by screenwriter/director pair Peter Sehr and Marie Noelle. Sehr and Noelle delved deep into the family history of Ludwig and claim to bring a new perspective to their film.

In Ludwig II, Sehr and Noelle claim the king they portray is not simply a narcissist, obsessed with kitch, but a sensitive intellectual who sought to promote the arts and unify Germany. Sehr and Noelle scoured the archives of Ludwig II and   other branches of the highly secretive Wittelsbach family while researching the film.

The film stars new comer Sabin Tambrea as Ludwig; Edgar Selge as Richard Wagner; Hannah Herzsprung as Sisi; and Tom Schilling as the genuinely “mad” brother Otto.

Critics who previewed the film say that it is too long and doesn’t reveal anything new about Ludwig II.…

The above photo of Sabin Tambrea in royal attire is from Die Welt.

This is a trailer of the film posted to YouTube in July 2013 – prior to release: