Posted December 10, 2012

Posted December 10, 2012

May 30 to June 1 American Liszt Society Festival in San Francisco

The Wagner Society of Northern California is delighted to be a partner with the American Liszt Society for an extraordinary musical event in 2013.

Celebrating the Jubilee years of great composers, the Liszt Society is bringing together a stellar group of musicians and scholars to consider the work of composers Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi, and little-known French composer Charles-Valentin Alkan. The schedule is in the final planning stages and the Wagner Society will keep you abreast of the events as soon as we know. We anticipate a full schedule will be available on December 15th.

Included will be all of Liszt’s transcripts of Wagner, all of Wagner’s piano pieces, a performance of the Wesendonck Lieder and talks given by noted Liszt scholar Alan Walker and a WSNC favorite Wagner scholar Hans Rudolf Vaget.

Events will be presented at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Old First Church. Most events will be at modest cost and there are even a few free events. The Festival will kick off with a concert on May 30th at the Conservatory, followed by a reception. Events conclude on June 1 with a banquet to be held at the Whitcomb Hotel on Market Street.

Mark your calendars now, you will not want to miss these fantastic events.