Posted November 28, 2012

Posted November 28, 2012

Another of the jazz “stride” piano performances was brought to light on YouTube.

This one is called “Isoldine” by Clément Doucet. Here’s some information on Doucet:

Léon Clément Doucet (9 April 1895 in Brussels – 15 October 1950 in Brussels)

Doucet studied for a time at the local Conservatoire, where Arthur De Greef, a pupil of Liszt, taught Doucet. Although his formal training was classical, he traveled to the USA around 1920 and by his return in 1923 had developed considerable talent as a jazz pianist. His left-hand technique in particular is clearly influenced by the stride piano style prevalent in New York in the early 1920s. Some of his arrangements are still played today, for instance Chopinata, a jazz tribute to several of the great works of Chopin.

From YouTube here is “Isoldine”:

And “Chopinata”

Image: Clip Art on Office Online