Posted October 26, 2012

posted October 26, 2012

The Ring comes to Lucerne

In the 75th anniversary year of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL, the Festival offerings will include the first-ever performance of Der Ring des Nibelungen.

From 30 August to 4 September 2013 you can hear the Bamberg Symphony in a concert performance under the musical direction of Jonathan Nott at LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer: a pure sonic experience!

The Festival is offering an attractive early-booking bonus for the first 200 subscribers to our Ring subscription and plan a richly varied program of related events in collaboration with the Swiss Richard Wagner Society.

At the end of November, the Lucerne Festival will publish detailed information in a special brochure. The Wagner Society of Northern California will have print and electronic brochures for our members.

Fondue anyone????

image courtesy of Clip Art from Office Online