Posted October 25, 2012

posted: October 25, 2012

Bayreuth On-Line Ticket Offer

In what might be called Kartedämmerung, the special offer of “Tickets for All” ended up taxing the Bayreuth Ticket Office computer and irritating anxious ticket seekers. A single special presentation of Das Rheingold to be held during Festspiele 2013 was offered on a first-come first-served basis without the usually allocation process and five year wait.

Many eager Wagnerians tried to apply online, were pushed over to a wait queue and then left there for much longer than the promised 20 minutes. While the early applicants patiently waited in queue, new applicants were routed directly to the box office and were able to book tickets.

Here’s the report in the Nordbayerische Kurier (cut and paste the URL into the website for a very rough translation)…

Hier sitz’ ich zur wacht, wacht, wacht

Image courtesy of  Clip Art on Office On-Line