Posted August 08, 2012

August 8, 2012

Wagner great granddaughter refuses to give up Winifred-Adolph letters.

Festspiele co-director Katharina Wagner is adamant about opening the archives for scrutiny in hopes of breaking with the unsavory past of the family. Now another Wagner great-granddaughter is refusing to give up certain correspondence between Winifred Wagner and Adolph Hitler.

The great-granddaughter is Amelie Hohmann (b 1945), oldest daughter of Verena Wagner Lafferentz (b 1920). Verena was one of the 4 children of Winifred Wagner and Siegfried Wagner. Some Wagner biographers have indicated that Verena was infatuated with Hitler and the two were romantically linked.

You can read more in the article in the Huffington Post:


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