Posted August 01, 2012

August 1, 2012

Musicologist Peter Pachl bids farewell to the Bayreuth Parsifal production created by Stefan Herheim.

Roughly translated, the first part of the article states:

“This brilliant production of director Stefan Herheim, a crowd-puller and director who is acclaimed in general, has  now reached the fifth and final season on the program in Bayreuth, just as a new production for 2016 was announced, a production created by the visual artist Jonathan Meese. But before the production is retired it will be experienced in 100 German cinemas and on television.

Herheim’s production equates the Grail temple and Wahnfried as a constantly mutation of  both the inner and external worlds of his protagonists.”

Here is a link to the article which can be roughly translated by copying and pasting the URL into…

A quick skim might be helpful to those who will be tuning in on ARTE.TV on August 11th to watch the simulcast on-line. While Siemens withdrew sponsorship of both the Live plaza presentation and the webcast during the Festspiele, BF Medien has arranged for the presentation of Parsifal live on over 100 movie screens in Europe and the live webcast on ARTE.TV.