Posted June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Iris Wagner Speaks Out Against Museum at Haus Wahnfried

Who??? Well apparently Iris Wagner, is speaking out in opposition to the new museum adjacent to Haus Wahnfried.

Iris Wagner is the 70-year-old, first-born daughter (b. 1942) of Wieland Wagner. The little-known Iris Wagner has declared that those in charge, namely her cousins Eva and Katharina, are incompetent. Iris’ other siblings are Wolf-Siegfried (b. 1943), Nike (b. 1945) and Daphne (b. 1946).

The new museum (projected view above) is slated to be built on an area which is presently a service driveway. The new museum will be able to display many more exhibits than the old basement display cases.

Haus Wahnfried is currently closed for renovations.  In addition, Wahnfried itself requires a new foundation and other improvements to prevent recurring flooding, dampness in the basement and to correct structural problems from the post WWII reconstruction. The damp environment has proved detrimental to the archives stored there and the collection has been moved out to prevent further damage.

For more information and a photo of Iris Wagner, follow the link below to the interview in the on-line version of Frankisher Tag.…