Posted March 18, 2012

Parsifal and Transformation:

Michael Hackett, Professor of Theater in the School of Theater, Film and Television at UCLA and Chair of the Department of Theater.

You will not want to miss Professor Hackett’s talk. He is a popular lecturer at the Los Angeles Opera. Our members gave their highest praise for his 2010 talk on the historical Hans Sachs.

Professor Hackett sent this brief description of the talk:  It is impossible to separate Parsifal’s psychological journey from his theatrical and musical one. Specifically, transformation—musically, dramatically, psychologically, spiritually, geographically—is at the core of Wagner’s great mystical work.The talk will analyze the complex interconnections amongst various elements of the music and stage action that make this opera one of the greatest works of the 19th century and beyond. It is the synthesis of these dramatic elements that is characteristic of the Wagnerian gesamtkunstwerk. 
See you there!