Posted March 08, 2012

Wagner Society correspondence about the Festspiele ticket allocation 

Many of you are interested about the on-going correspondence between the  Bayreuther Festspiele, certain German government offices and the various English-speaking Wagner Societies as it pertains to the cessation of Festspiele ticket allocations.

The Wagner Society of New York has assembled the correspondence and posted it to their web page.  Rather than duplicate the effort, here is a link to the correspondence.

Katharina Wagner and Eva Wagner-Pasquier are members of the Festspiele Board of Directors, however, they do not hold decisive power over the Board in the manner of their late father Wolfgang Wagner. 

In a recent Wagner Society of Northern California e-mail communication with Professor Eva Märtson, President of the Richard Wagner Verband International, Frau Märtson reports that she has had recent positive dialogs with the Wagner sisters.  A Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for May.

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