Posted March 06, 2012

In his most recent article in March 12, 2012 issue of The New Yorker, Alex Ross has written scathing criticism of both the Metropolitan Opera and the New York City Opera.  His critique of the new Metropolitan Opera production of Götterdämmerung and the Ring production as a whole is particularly harsh.

Ross summarizes the Metropolitan Opera production of Der Ring des Nibelungen by director Robert Le Page as,  “Pound for pound, ton for ton it is the most witless, wasteful production in modern operatic history” and “It’s an embarassment that this catastrophically vapid spectacle is what New York will be offering to the world when the Wagner bicentennial arrives next year.” 

The full article is only available to print or on-line subscribers, but here is the link to an excerpt of the article.  You can purchase The New Yorker at your local newsstand or look for it in your local library.