Posted February 22, 2012

Bayreuth Parsifal in HD will feature interval documentaries with Katharina Wagner

Parsifal  from Bayreuth will be simultaneously  broadcast live  in 100 cinemas in Germany. Sponsored by Audi, it has now been confirmed that Katharina Wagner will direct – and present – special interval features which take viewers “behind the scenes”.  This ground breaking production by Stefan Herheim was critically acclaimed and also widely lauded by audiences as well.

There is no news as to whether this will be available in the USA, but Germany, Switzerland and the UK are confirmed.

Should you not be able to get to Bayreuth or a European cinemacast, Parsifal is scheduled to be broadcast live on ARTE TV – which indicates that it will be streamed on the web.

For those who are not familiar there are several streaming websites which carry a wide variety of cultural programs. carries concerts and chamber recitals and you can access with a free subscription.  You can upgrade to an at-cost subscription and obtain more content as well as higher resolution streaming.

Arte-TV from France carries plays, ballet, opera, concerts, chamber recitals and popular programming.  Most content is free. 

Digital Concert Hall features the Berlin Philharmonic.  This is an at-cost site whereby you pay for a 2-day, monthly or annual subscriptions with unlimited content or you can buy a “ticket” to view individual events.  The educational content is free.

The photo from the Parsifal production courtesy of the Bayreuther Festspiele GmbH    (Kundry)