Posted August 15, 2011

Alex Ross spent much of his summer in Italy but managed to hop up to Bayreuth to visit the green hill.  You may be surprised at his reaction to last years’ controversial Lohengrin (the one with the lab rats).  Few would be surprised at what he wrote about the Tannhäuser which seems to have received both poor critical reviews and a thunderstorm of boo-ing from those in attendance.

See Photo to the left of Tannhauser in the Wartburg.  The Wargburg is represented in this production as a bio-fuel production plant which utilizes human waste to produce the bio-fuel (methane gas).  The bio-fuel is then used to power a gigantic still which produces alcohol for consumption in the the Wartburg and the Venusburg. 

Always interesting, Alex Ross gives us some interesting ideas to ponder.

The link is below – to a portion of the article.  The full copyrighted article is limited to paid subscribers so look for a copy on your local newsstand or library.