Posted July 25, 2011

Bayreuth officially opened Festspiele 2011 with a unique production of Tannhäuser, directed by Sebastian Baumgarten and sets by Joep van Lieshout

And an early report can be read on Deutsche Welle:

Here Katarina explains that the seasoned Wagnerian does not require everything to be explained. 

As you read on, Katharina has been engaged to stage a reduced Ring in Argentina, a 7-hour Ring.,,15254703,00.html  

Here is a brief history of the Festival with the teaser:,,6577495,00.html  

TEASER:  New Ring Production in 2013 and the performance of 3 early works.  Those works would be:  Rienzi, Das Liebesverbot and Die Feen and NOT Liebesmahl den Apostel, American March and Faust Lieder.

You can view some of the pictures at this blog spot

A picture tells a thousand words, perhaps two thousand or maybe just two.

The Financial Times Weighs in on the Tannhäuser