Posted April 28, 2011

This exhibit is dedicated to the late Ruth C. Jacobs, Wagner Society of Northern California member, Board Member, volunteer.  Ms. Jacobs was also a volunteer and patron of the Museum of Performance and Design.  Space is limited – reserve on-line.

An Aesthetic/Historic View (1876-2010)

Cameo Exhibition Opening and Lecture    
Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 7 PM 

Designing Wagner’s Ring – a cameo exhibition opening May 24, 2011 in Gallery 3 at the Museum — examines Ring productions with special design significance, from traditional to avant-garde.

Covering a period of more than 130 years, the exhibition of over 70 images offers a deeper “visual literacy” of the Ring and a greater appreciation of the total aesthetic experience — the Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk.

Join us for the opening of this special exhibition which will include a wine reception and a special lecture by the curator, Stanford Professor William Eddelman. The lecture will examine the visual aspects (scenery, costumes and lighting) that have reconceptualized The Ring over its entire history and employ a rich array of images and video to demonstrate how successive waves of artists have sought to reclaim and reinterpret Wagner’s operas for new generations.

Admission: $15 MPD Members / $20 for non-Members